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Brendan Tildesley Oct. 15, 2021, 9:29 a.m. UTC
I've made/remade a new patch series, but for core-updates-frozen instead of
master. This is because I found some programs like libksysguard need
<filesystem> and thus gcc>=9, so master with gcc-7 was a bit of a dead end. It
updates for the recent release of Frameworks 5.87.0, and other version 21.08.2
applications etc. I have provided everything in a smaller number of commits,
because I found myself spending too much time making all those commits and
rebsing them for 200+ packages.

I also fixed the template tarball reproducibility bug in
extra-cmake-modules I mentioned previously, and published my fix upstream.

yakuake still segfaults on launch as reported on master. Not sure why that is.

Was I right to prepare this for core-updates-frozen? Are these updates
something that can be pushed as soon as they are ready or do I have to wait on
other updates or merges to be done? I thought it would fascilitate merging
into master to prepare it all for core-updates-frozen now.

I also included at the start a qt-wrap patch I already sent previously.

If my grepping worked, this should be all the packages, but for completeness
one should try building all kde-*.scm packages

akonadi akonadi-calendar akonadi-contacts akonadi-mime akonadi-notes
akonadi-search akregator ark attica audiocd-kio baloo baloo-widgets bluez-qt
bomber bovo breeze breeze-icons dolphin dolphin-plugins dragon elisa
extra-cmake-modules ffmpegthumbs granatier grantleetheme juk k3b kactivities
kactivities-stats kaddressbook kajongg kalarmcal kamoso kapidox kapman
karchive kate kauth kblackbox kblocks kbookmarks kbounce kbreakout kcachegrind
kcalendarcore kcalendarsupport kcalutils kcmutils kcodecs kcompletion kconfig
kconfigwidgets kcontacts kcoreaddons kcrash kdav kdbusaddons kdeclarative
kdeconnect kdecoration kded kde-frameworkintegration kdegraphics-mobipocket
kdelibs4support kdepim-runtime kdesignerplugin kdesu kdevelop kdewebkit kdf
kdiagram kdiamond kdnssd kdoctools kemoticons keventviews kfilemetadata
kfourinline kget kglobalaccel kgoldrunner kgpg kguiaddons khelpcenter
kholidays khtml ki18n kiconthemes kidentitymanagement kidletime kigo killbots
kimageformats kimap kincidenceeditor kinit kio kiriki kitemmodels kitemviews
kjobwidgets kjs kjsembed kjumpingcube kldap kleopatra klines kmag kmahjongg
kmail kmailcommon kmailimporter kmailtransport kmbox kmediaplayer kmessagelib
kmime kmines kmix kmousetool kmouth knavalbattle knetwalk knewstuff knotes
knotifications knotifyconfig kolf kollision konquest konsole kontactinterface
konversation kopete korganizer kpackage kparts kpeople kpimcommon kpimtextedit
kplotting kpmcore kpty kqtquickcharts krdc kreversi krfb kross krunner
kscreenlocker kservice kshisen ksirk ksmtp ksnakeduel kspaceduel ksquares
ksshaskpass ksudoku ksyntaxhighlighting ksystemlog ktexteditor ktextwidgets
ktnef ktorrent ktouch ktuberling kubrick kunitconversion kwallet kwave
kwayland kwidgetsaddons kwindowsystem kxmlgui kxmlrpcclient libgravatar
libkcddb libkcompactdisc libkdegames libkdepim libkexiv2 libkgapi libkleo
libkmahjongg libkomparediff2 libkscreen libksieve libksysguard libktorrent
lskat modemmanager-qt networkmanager-qt okteta okular oxygen-icons palapeli
picmi plasma-framework poxml prison pulseaudio-qt purpose qca
qqc2-desktop-style smb4k solid sonnet sweeper syndication threadweaver yakuake